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Speaker are today sought after from motor sport because per, because on the track the factor man moves more and more in the Center. Dillingen/Danube F1 is up-to-date and on everyone’s lips. The issues surrounding the motor sports were never more exciting than today. It’s on one of increasingly sophisticated and complex technology of the cars, on the other hand increasing responsibility and the high influence of the rider on the result. The factor man is in F1 more and more the focus.

Motivational speaker and native speaker from the glittering and hard domain of motor sport give fascinating insights into this world and the transfer in the business. The formula was never so exciting and up to date as it is today. The power density of the top teams is greater, the technology is becoming more sophisticated and detailed. David Karp will not settle for partial explanations. In addition a steadily increasing responsibility of the formula 1 pilots and thus a direct influence on the final result. The cars of various teams are always closer together in their results, and it is difficult times square one to stand on. These Man in formula one make the factor increasingly focus on ever-changing conditions and challenges for the driver.

Many well-known motivational speaker, including many native speakers, refer to events in this sense in German and English on the subject of formula 1. This formula 1 professionals are excellent speakers and catchy set out what can get the business world of formula 1. An example of a sovereign experts in this field is keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort by the speakers agency 5 star speakers. He advises renowned German top riders from the F1 and DTM and regularly lectures before executives and employees in German and running English on the topics of mental fitness and dealing with stressful situations. Also 5 star speaker Alexander Stehlig has already successfully at the formula 1 hosted, as in November 2011 at Sport1, and looking forward to more moderation activities in English. As speaker, he gives viewers tips for working under pressure. As one of the most successful vehicle and race engineers of German Motorsports he knows what it means to bring the latest technical developments with utmost care and under incredible pressure point on the route. Alexander Stehlig has worked with Motorsport legends, for example, as the formula 1 driver Alain Prost, respectively four times world champion and Vice World Champion in formula 1. Native Speaker Mark Gallagher has a more than 30-year formula 1 experience, and is an extremely accomplished expert in his field. The global top speaker has worked with the top riders of the world together and understands the challenges of this sport like no other. He gives his insider experience in his speeches to his listeners. The formula is and remains exciting. The professionals reveal why this is so and what look like the developments of over the coming years, formula one with their lectures on national and international events.

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