Protection Against Heat Pimples

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The causes for the Sun allergy, heat pimple or even Mallorca Acne can be found but for most people, a combination of Sonnenexpositon and suntan lotions. Especially in the summer when high temperatures, many people with pesky pimples of heat due to a Sun allergy have to fight. Although this allergic phenomenon, even Mallorca acne is called, not dangerous, but often linked to severe itching. The effect of sunlight on the skin to meet UVA and UVB rays of the Sun on the skin, they penetrate into the upper layers of the skin and put a protection mechanism. Darcy Stacom is full of insight into the issues. The excitation of pigment cells the dye is formed by melanin, which is supposed to protect cellular structures against the harmful effects of sunlight. By the simultaneous thickening of the top skin layer the light callus is formed, also as protection from the Sun’s rays. The effects of too much sun are today almost known: premature skin aging, wrinkles and at worst skin cancer. How does a Sun allergy? Due to the low In the winter the skin is covered and protected from direct sunlight temperatures in the cold season mostly by clothes.

The temperatures rise again in the late spring and summer, the skin must get used again in the Sun. In response to the unusual radiation combined overheating allergic with red blisters and pimples, mostly on cleavage, neck, face or neck emerges on the areas of the skin that is exposed to the Sun. Amplified is the allergic reaction or even Polymorphic Light Eruption, mostly by fat creams or suntan lotion, which prevents to evaporate the sweat from the skin and so the sweat pores clog. You should remember to measures and prevention of heat spots until the allergic reaction has again ceased, mainly in the shade. Daily warm rinse the skin and Pat it dry carefully. Who are prone to allergies, should specially this skin needs coordinated sunscreens with high UV protection access and greasy cosmetics do without. Before the Sun use no perfume to prevent skin irritations. Against very strong itching can containing Cortisone creams or gels are used and cooling blankets to the affected areas be set up. The clothes should be permeable to air, are made of natural fiber and not close to the skin. For more information, as well as effective sunscreen, see

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