Quidditch World Cup

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Original Harry Potter documents and Hermione’s bag at elbenwald.de the grand finale of the magical Harry Potter series comes to the 14.Juli 2011 in cinemas and is certainly the film event of the year. On this occasion, the fantasy shop expects his fans with four Diab and strongly desired new highlights in the range elbenwald.de: for the female fans is the original Hermione bag from Deathly of Hallows part 1 “available. There is also the most beautiful memorabilia from Harry, newly collected Hermione and Ron in decorative artifact boxes for fans us collectors. Elbenwald for the rush of visitors to the movie finale is equipped with these innovations. Total, over 700 the sorcerer’s apprentice magic products are available now here.

With the Artefactboxen, the fans get important documents of magic student from film and book for Home: Harry’s box is to find his Hogwarts letter of recording, the Quidditch World Cup ticket or the name list of Dumbledore’s army. Hermione’s bag has magic in the movie Qualities and can be infinitely by means of extension magic. This magical bag masterfully embroidered with beads and colorful fabric – the Hermione fan favorite is already. Elbenwald’s most popular products include wands of Harry Potter main charaktere by Dumbledore to Voldemort and magical jewelry and garments from Hogwarts as ties and scarves but also the original. Since 2009 the Elbenwald GmbH has Harry Potter”held the license for the production of T-Shirts and mugs and can thus enchanting customer wishes even better. Who would like to get the magic of Hogwarts in your own four walls, which should embark on a journey through. He is enchanted with security. Annekathrin graves Elbenwald GmbH

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