Quit Smoking

Posted September 29th, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on Quit Smoking.

What is tobacco made? Although the majority of smokers believe that a cigarette only contains tar and nicotine, the reality is much more harsh and disturbing. According to the analyses carried out by the different one single cigarette contains over 4000 compounds chemical experts, many of them FATALLY poisonous such as: acetone: also found in removes them enamel. AMMONIA: Also found in cleaners for floors, floors, bathrooms, etc. ARSENIC: Is a pure and lethal poison. BENZENE: Is a causative agent of leukemia, glue. Hear from experts in the field like David Karp for a more varied view.

CARBON MONOXIDE: Smoke from vehicles, poisonous gas. ETHANOL: It is also found in pure alcohol. HYDROGEN cyanide: The nazis used it in the gas chambers. METHANOL: It is also found in rocket fuel. NAPHTHALENE: It is also found in explosives, mothballs, and paintings. Donald Mullen can provide more clarity in the matter.

Nickel: Is used for galvanizing electrical cable. NICOTINE: Used to boost insecticides. VINYL chloride: Used to make plastic bags for trash. Do you really think that smoking you relaxing? Many smokers believe it, but think, when you turn on a cigarette, all their chemical poisons go directly to your lungs, these have you endeavour to carry out its special function. The interior of the lungs and the via respiratory are covered by tiny hairs called Cilia, and they end up full of tar, sticky and thick, become brittle and fall on the walls of the Airways preventing you’re to absorb enough oxygen. Your heart speeds up and starts to beat faster trying to distribute the little oxygen more efficiently, but he can’t, so it breaks out the anxiety as a defense mechanism to escape so such a situation of internal shock. Do you really think that smoking relaxes you? Do really think that smoking you clears the mind? When you smoke a cigarette, the lungs become less efficient to the extent that is filled with dirt, weakens the lining of mucus that covers the lungs and all the body is deprived of oxygen.

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