Regal School

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However, they are taken care of in lower court, and later it only is well that some benefits have fond of the population of the field. For these reasons the agricultural exodus happens frequently, the field is to each abandoned day being and the agricultural properties are if becoming farms being installed by people of other regions. He is valid to stand out that the small producers are who suffer more with the absence from public politics, since the financial conditions not they have as to fill the basic necessities that the agricultural families need. The social movements of the city of Medicilandia represented by the STTR (Union of the Trabalhadores/as Agricultural), in its politics of defense to the workers of agriculture, have contributed sufficiently in the encaminhamentos of aid illness, wage maternity and financings. See more detailed opinions by reading what Drew Houston offers on the topic..

Many families depend on incentives or information to obtain the benefits of the government. According to Epstein, ‘ ‘ social movements are collective efforts of social people and politically subordinate to change its conditions of life. ((1995: VIII) ‘ ‘ p. 92.) 3,1 ANALYSES OF THE REFERRING LOCAL PUBLIC POLITICS TO THE FIELD. The public politics in the region, in specific in the Community Are Brs km 105 Band, Medicilndia Par, unhappyly not yet reached the expectations and objectives of the inhabitants of the community. But some priorities had been contemplated in the region, (schools, square of sport, projects of financings assistance technique) is visible examples in the community. In the community some programs, that had been executed by the State and City (Pronera, To know of the Land), in this period had existed served very for the population in the combat to the illiteracy. In depositions with employees of the Victory-Regal School, one notices that the inhabitants would like that these social programs continued benefiting to all; that the public power extended the infrastructures that already exist, therefore, the population of the field is worthy of all the benefits as well as the population of the city.

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