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The letters section events and the future in such a way that the person who consults can see their own reality. In the Tarot cards mind which directs the events through energies spilt in the esoteric meeting, if the person speaks or acts with a negative thought, then the cards will act in the same way. All moods reside in the mind. Tarot and clairvoyance as it can not be otherwise also. If the consultant is subject to a general circulation must be willing to accept the facts that prove that spin, then give way to decide for themselves what they want, but without a doubt when the letters speak the true nature emerges as the oil on the water.

For clairvoyance and tarot thoughts that accompany in the session are more subtle energies that will reveal in the organ of perception, at the service of the Seer for the sole purpose of clearing many doubts arise. In the clairvoyance session the consultant must be willing to control his mind, to inquire into the most intimate affairs of human beings. The wisdom of the Tarot cards is usually a very valuable guide for use in session of clairvoyance, resulting in vibration that cause events will be revealing and feeling like a sound soft and subtle, since so many other things in life as moments of fullness and happiness, are usually those who tend to wait, although it should be noted that the cards of the tarot or the clairvoyance will point us how and when we must give back to the periods of unrest and insecurity caused by the experiences that lead the consultant to go through difficult times, being these part of learning that should be in this experience called life.

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