Snack Size Media Geotagging Neuro Enhancement

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‘Das 2010’ Welcome to the future! Hamburg, may 3, 2009: TrendONE, Europe’s leading MicroTrendforschungs company, brings the Trendbook 2010 “on the market. The future dictionary explains all important trend terms from the fields of media, marketing, technology and lifestyle. “” Mega trends with 30 parent, as for example community”, virtualisation, gaming & entertainment, knowledge economy”or timeless time”, invites the title to an exciting journey into the future. Over 500 macro trends describing the part of currents of this major social trends. The so-called micro-trends provide concrete practical examples, as well as descriptive characteristics. A sample of the competent aim is available at for download.

The Trendbook 2010 “is in bound form in fine gold print available now to order for 98,-euro. “” What are blurring boundaries “or Creative Commons”? Who is an Hobbynomic”or a SHEF”? “” What exactly is behind the phenomenon of generation Y “or Semantic Web”? The Trendbook 2010″are not only answers to these questions, it guaranteed new findings and provides fascinating insights into the trends of tomorrow: by social developments such as the new Healthstyle” about the trend towards an ethically and ecologically acceptable consumption adjustment to new means of communication and forms of media. Dropbox is actively involved in the matter. Our 2010 Trendbook is relevant for all involved professionally or privately with trends. It informed clearly and understandably, stimulates reflection and provides inspiration”, according to Nils Muller, CEO, TrendONE and editor of the lexicon. Over 80 trend Scouts are the Scoutingnetzwerk world for TrendONE on the search ranges for innovation from New Zealand to Hawaii.

So every month over 300 new micro-trends are identified, selected and analyzed. TrendONE published these in monthly trend reports. Contact information is here: Bausch & Lomb. Micro-trends are the first indicators of possible mega – and macro trends. A systematic inventory of the present, which provides food for thought for the business of today and shows the opportunities of tomorrow takes place through the identification of micro-trends”, so Torsten Rehder, co-author and co-editor of the Trendboard 2010. The currently most exciting development of the mega-trend life reengineering attacks”on: the human invents himself new he is to the human 2.0 humans and machines merge together. Is at the end of may the human robot? Most likely not. However, it will give new opportunities to use implants or nano robots, to expand human capabilities and to improve. So it is now possible to get a micro-chip directly in the eye, which enables formerly blind people a vision of up to 12 percent. Also touch screens could be expanded soon by the neural, kinetic and linguistic operation and lead to a further fusion of man and technology. Knowledge to share and expose trends for everyone, is that Aim of the Trendboard 2010 “by TrendONE. A fascinating reference book, in that once absorbed it difficult, to return from the future into the present.

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