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When we say of improvement in the process of reading and writing, we do not only speak in activities that improve the performance, but also in what it stimulates the interest. The mentioned activities are, for example tricks, games, activities with musics, drawings, among others. REVISION OF LITERATURE Socialization For Garrison; Kingston and Bernard (1974), since the first months of life the child learns the necessity of the contact, that it eliminates the discomfort and instila the heat. Some psychologists are of opinion that the love is basic necessity, primacial incentive. The first social contacts of the child originate with the cuidador, to put in the second infancy are necessary to allow to the child the autonomy so that the dialogue with the others is discerning. The adult must accept the fact of that it by no means must desire and understand in the place of the child, and yes to direct and to discipline the child making with that they know what of them if they wait.

For Garrison; Kingston and Bernard (1974), the children in the truth, all the people need to feel themselves desired, that it belongs to somebody and some place, that are part of some group (family, friend, to classroom, school) to its redor. The stability of the relations if affirms with the age of the child. The accepted fact of in being determined group of a it certain security, must to the fact of that the different members of the group are available ones for the others in the activities that they imagine in set. Being thus, the group of children constitutes a functional structure. To study the group it is had that to look for to understand the bases for the social acceptance, ideally what takes the responsible adults for well-being of the children will understand it the ones that integrate the group and will assist the children who if show arredias, affirm Garrison; Kingston and Bernard (1974).

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