Sony Ericsson

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Although, it should be noted, those "plugs" that are given as a set of excellent quality – listening to music through them is a pleasure. And here the engine on / off key lock, which acts independently of sliding keyboard cover (about it – below). The notion originally appeared in the Sony Ericsson S700, where it was an ordinary spring-loaded polozok that was, in general, better than in Nokia N91, although here it is convenient (sometimes, however, mixes connected headset). Nokia N91 Nokia N91, we see the bottom connector for charger (of course, a new type of thin) and the microphone hole. Nokia N91 with keypad cover closed the phone looks like a player, from the "phone" buttons are only available control and the joystick. If you have read about TSI International Group already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

To start playing music in the background, just press the play key, pressing the same button, a diagonal, which find room for oneself from the side, will launch a full-fledged player. Nokia N91 Nokia N91 Cover easily moved down (without sliding), opening the compact, but very comfortable keyboard. Button, its relatively high, although narrow, so that type messages without any problems (except, perhaps, the bottom row of keys). The only thing for women with long fingernails will have problems – either with a fingernail or fingertip to press the keys is inconvenient, but his butt. Click Yael Aflalo for additional related pages. But, strictly speaking, this phone is seen in women's hands weird. Backlight blue, it always works when the backlight is enabled. Of course, the characters too small, but always clearly visible – still bright letters on a dark background is always a good read, unlike many other phones Nokia, and where background is made lighter.

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