Special Operations

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However, it has a operative dopotencial subutilizao of the Kennel due to a culture in the policy to potiguar detrabalho with dogs that frustra until a divagao of the job of the dog next to the timettico of the COE (Company of Special Operations). ' ' Umatraduo of this valuation would be the establishment of an operational doctrine that normatize the job of caniltanto separately as in set with other fractions of tropaespecializada as the Group of Aes TticasEspeciais (GATE), Shock, Cavalry and Radio-patrol (RP). ' ' (FRANKIE.2005, p.38) Another one empecilho for assalters dogs is the inaceitabilidade pordesconhecimento of the Carioca doctrine of dogs of assault for the Operators of Public Security to potiguar, where the dog is a tool for resolution of occurrence dealtssimo risk with hostage located in the State next to unit of intervenottica with risk of inexistent death for involved in the crisis in relation aarmas of fire of the tactical teams. ' ' 2.2.1Acidente for mordedura This demonstrated to be the demaior disadvantage to gravity for the involved ones in the eventocrtico, therefore, as said previously, if it cannot affirm that a dog will jamaismorder somebody for accident. Perhaps, porisso, none another policy in the world uses dogs in occurrences crticassubmetendo, if necessary, all involved in the crisis to contatocom the dogs. Mesmoassim, if such fact to occur during event critical, not must to be reason of reprovaopara this important tool, if to compare with innumerable errosque had happened during history dasocorrncias critical in Brazil without use of dogs, as we can observe emalguns dismal episodes that had involved hostages, such as in the case doGATE with Adriana Caringi, in the year of 1990, and with the young Elo Pimentel, in the case of the BOPEna known occurrence as ' ' bus 174' ' , in the year of 2000; in the case of the GOE of the Military Policy of the State of the MatoGrosso, in the year of 2007.

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