Stretch Ceilings

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Stretch ceilings are a high-strength vinyl cloth, a crosslinking of pvc strips on the customer's design. Despite the fact that their thickness is only 0.17-0.22mm, they can withstand fairly heavy load of about 100 kg per meter. At the same time have a number of advantageous characteristics: high moisture resistance, fire safety, covering a large area without docking, environmental friendliness and long service life of 15 years, with 10 years warranty from the manufacturer. Along with this, suspended ceilings available in almost all colors, which are used for interior decoration, ranging from pure white and ending with a mirror-coated gold. Installation is made only by specialists from representatives of the manufacturers. Because in addition to the complexity of mounting such ceilings imply the possession of certain skills and understanding of the properties of this material. So, for good performance of the work, remove the size work surface and measurements of angles up to a degree.

Then tightly around the perimeter is fixed frame, so that it will withstand the load of 60 kg per meter. By this time, the manufacturer or its Distributor according withdrawn standards, preparing the canvas: tailor, on the edges stick garpon, packed in a special way and bring to the job site. Now, warm up the room and linen to the 40-50gradusov Celsius special heat gun and pull the ceiling around the perimeter. Garpon attaching to a baguette and stretching. Once in the room temperature reaches the normal value, the ceiling takes perfectly flat surface. The disadvantages of suspended ceilings, except for technologically complex and laborious process of editing, you can carry them to its high cost and the fact that the canvas is afraid of sharp objects.

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