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As shown in Figure 3, the delay in the requirements of supplies to the construction works due to the rescheduling of material supplies needs primarily were on 66 occasions during the year 2003, which I represent the 41.77% of delays during that period, followed by the instability of the materials supplies which were presented on 42 occasions during the year 2003, which I represent the 68.35% accumulated delays during this periodi.e. more than half of the delays are attributed to these two categories (which represents 50% of the causes). While the following categories accounted for on a cumulative basis 31.65%, which was presented on 50 occasions of delays during that period. Is then clear that the delay in the requirements of supplies material to constructive works by rescheduling needs of material supplies and the instability of material supplies, represent the categories and variables that affect most constructive requirements to works. These predictions make them on the one hand Investors / designers of the works that have direct contact with the construction project and your list of needs of materials, which are clients and vendors within the supply chain, and on the other hand the commercial direction and purchase that have direct contact with suppliers (importing companies, territorial and national) subjective and qualitative way. This problem causes that the company fails to comply with the requirements of material supplies to construction works and need to rely by importing companies occasionally on air instead of terrestrial or maritime freight, as also the timely purchase at plaza of deficient resources that guarantee the materials to the works requirements, thus increasing the average unit price of materials during the year 2003, and by others the constructive cost of completion of the projected work.

These increases in the average costs per unit of construction materials were very significant for importing companies and the trading company to transfer the same until the work, because of the delay in the requirements of material supplies, but that due to their commitment to constructive works, them had to cover. Analyzing all the exposed above this article was evident the need for the company to have a model organization that allows to reduce the variation between actual requirements and the predicted. In addition, a system of inventory and information between suppliers, trading and investors that adapts to the needs of the company and the material supplies requirements demand. In order to find viable solutions it is necessary to follow certain steps to achieve find solutions or future projections of research that will be searched later in future articles and go by thoroughly analyzing from the general to the particular analysis of them, this way you will see an analysis required for the search for solutions with the aim to comply with all the requirements necessary.

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