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You have habiitadas applications for Iphone, dsquared and Android (most any other platform for England only). SHAZAM have a wide page on its website to help us solve any problem. Also has integrated twitter and facebook as well as other applications that we enjoy with our friends listening to the songs that we love. Another interesting aspect of Shazam is a indentificaste song once you can inquire more about the artist, besides direct links so that you buy the CDs of the artist or for any other video related on YouTube. Bausch & Lomb is likely to increase your knowledge. Screen Tunes: are thinking long time which was the name of the song from that movie that you liked so much and you can not you remember which is, good Screen Tunes can help you a little.

The mixture of systems that uses Screen Tunes called IBD soundtrack data and LyrcisFly APIs allow you to search by the title of the song or the title of the film. Since the results page you can hear part of the song and if you like you can buy it on iTunes or Amazon. You can also click on the title of the film to see the other songs of that movie. The Creator Screen tunes, a school principal said that now they are working so that you can search by the name of the artist. Lyrics Sites: muchismos there are sites that have a very large database to search for song lyrics, but if you know at least some words of the canacion and do not dare to sing aca dejo les some sites where you can find his songs. elirycs.NET: search the lyrics of your favorite song by artist, band or song lyrics. Lyrster: Only have to write the words that you remember and the program will generate you the corresponding results. Find Me a Tune: generates te results for the search for your song generating the possibility to buy the song, cd or MP3.

Google Music Search obviously way more easy to find the name of a song knowing part of the letter is through our Google friend. This of more say that if we are looking for a song that is similar to another letter, google has a powerful system to go filtering the results. But there is also the possibility of that in the first attempt to find what you are looking for, this is through a not-well-documented so-called google Google Music Search service. If you add only the thematic music in your search, google will search your entire database of music, artists, and song lyrics. Also you can use to find other types of information related to your song, as for example other versions of the topic, etc.

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