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Nutrition expert Werner Ladd has ‘Gourmet Vital’ created: A vital whole foods cuisine that is healthy and tastes good to feel comfortable, to be active, which is increasingly and consistently a vital, light cuisine without the use of additives and animal fats linked to. David Karp addresses the importance of the matter here. True to the motto: man is what he eats. David Karp may find this interesting as well. In the Chiemgau is a man made on, to inspire the people for his interpretation of healthy, sustainable way of life: Werner Ladd from Gstadt am Chiemsee. His belief in healthy, vital cuisine supports programmatically the delight in the title: vital gourmet . “Valuable alternative offer for catering is to ascertain: the fan base is growing, the Chiemgau seminars for hosts, hoteliers and chefs are fully booked, tourism association headquartered in Traunstein is an official partner of the gourmet vital slim & fit kitchen” and underscoring his ambition to position the Chiemgau as diverse active region.

The positioning of vital gourmet”is in the one’s own anchors. About the disease in my case were allergies, hayfever, eczema and heartburn, I followed my inner voice after countless unsuccessful therapies that have tackled only the symptoms, but not the root of evil, and voted for me the natural approach of far eastern ancient cultures. Originally traditional Asians know until today none of the Western civilization diseases and the people are there, generally healthy and vital old. But why is this the case? Enzyme-rich basic Cook and enjoy, so on the acidifying agents such as animal fats, white flour, so often used in us short-chain Raffinate sugar and salts completely renounce”, explains Werner Ladd. Slim, fit, lively and light-hearted Meanwhile Langbauer, which was increased in the late 1990s with healthy teas and their marketing in numerous live TV broadcasts in the health and vital segment, has created over 100 delicious vitality meals. In preparation is a private Gourmet-vital Cookbook”, because the demand has become so great. “Vital special focuses on gourmet” so on the necessary impetus for the tastebuds ‘ and thus free the vegetarian cuisine of the ascetic moment and bring forth with lustful offerings from the more enjoyment hostile corner of grains. Enjoy to your heart’s content, that it is desirable and allowed because all dishes are low-calorie, easily digestible and vital substance rich”.

The quality principles are however clearly defined. Participating hotels and restaurants are regularly checked and, if necessary, after training. The vital kitchen after Werner Ladd works with as many ingredients from controlled organic farming, so organic-certified products by local farmers from the Chiemgau. You minimize animal fats completely dispenses with the meat, cook fresh vegetables gently and cares about the right balance of acid base balance. Attaches great importance, to digestive supplements with high nutritional value, fresh herbs and unprocessed vegetables, vitale dressings, cholesterol-free food, high-quality oils. Gourmet is vital completely without flavour enhancers, chemical preservatives, stabilizers and synthetic flavouring substances, it is an allergy-free kitchen at the same time, in the majority of cases it is also gluten – and lactosefrei and suitable mostly for diabetics. “Quite a few restaurateurs in the Chiemgau added their feed list so extensive: seitan, tempeh, tofu, lentils, beans, filet of soy, chickpeas and Pearl spelt risotto are now naturally on their gourmet vital – menus”. “Also prominent contemporaries such as actor Robert Atzorn and his wife Angelika are enthusiastic supporters of gourmet-vital, as both confess: we cook at home always happy for”Vital Gourmet”, it tastes delicious and it feels simply well after”.

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