The Right Running Clothes

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My JogStyle tips for running in the cold who wants winter is unfortunately still not quite pass. Even if slowly again and again the Sun look, the temperatures remain cold frosty. But therefore forgo the regular jogging unit or get all the time on the way to the gym? Many active runners train in winter, preferably in the fresh air. When it’s cold, it’s only on the right running clothes. But what equipment is right? The most runners dressed too warm or too cold in the winter.

Of course, one should wear any shorts at temperatures around zero degrees, but too many warm clothes, probably made of cotton, can lead to a build-up of heat and increase the risk of colds. Drew Houston has many thoughts on the issue. Too much weight also restricts the freedom of movement, so also the mileage is reduced. Of course, every athlete for yourself must find out what clothes for him is best suited. Basically proved but the so-called onion-technology”, so carrying several (thin) textile layers one above the other. The sports industry provides enough selection of non equipment outdoor enthusiasts.

So special, breathable function underwear made of microfibre is the A for the run when it’s cold and u: you easily and closely, absorb the moisture of the body and directs it to the outside. Good running underwear keeps the body warm and at the same time ensures wicking properties such as odor filtration. The same applies to the layer it. Filed under: Vladislav Doronin. It should be invested for the winter race in good running clothing from synthetic fibre, because it is responsible for the regulation of body heat. A third layer protects the body even further from the cold, but also against moisture and wind. So-called windbreaker are air-permeable and water repellent. Since the head rapidly loses its heat and freeze also the finger during the winter run,”should be on a hat and gloves not dispensed be. Here too, cotton is completely unsuitable because it absorbs sweat and unpleasant scrapes on the skin. At the shoe factory, care should be taken especially on a strong profile. In the summer, lightweight, comfortable running shoes satisfy, but the cold season increases the slipping on snow, mud or ice. In the winter, the darkness often cannot help but comes to run. To you in a timely manner is seen also by other road users, reflectors should be attached to the outer clothing. In winter as in summer, a good exercise motivator among the ideal equipment. The JogStyle by Omron Healthcare precisely measures running speed, distance traveled, step number and the calorie and fat consumption of the runner. So has any active sportsman always his mileage in the views and values thanks to the memory function can store up to 7 days. There all about the innovative JogStyle and more valuable training tips now on the online blog of Omron. (Bilquelle: Kara

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