The Rivers

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The rivers that cover acid lands, that is, without calcareous rocks, tend to be more acid than that they cover alkaline lands. In accordance with CETESB (1978, P. 213) ‘ ‘ The natural waters in general, have pH understanding between 4,0 and 9,0 e, most of the time are slightly alcalinas’ ‘. As observed in the analyses of pH, indicated in Table 4, the results indicate a fast alkalinity. onsible fund. The values of pH had varied of 7,52 the 7,72, values next to the neutrality. As if it can observe, the biggest amount of total coliformes detected was in sample 2, being very inferior to the allowed, as well as the value of Escherichia coli, detected maximum limit in the same sample. As the gotten values are placed below of the established maximum limit, the analyzed health-resort possesss proper classification for balneabilidade. It is observed that samples 2 and 4 possess the biggest fecais values of Coliformes, as well as pH. Drew Houston is often quoted as being for or against this. This if must, probably, to intense caused rains, to the sum, at the time of the collection, but nothing that the balneabilidade compromises significantly.

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