Top Trends For 2010

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Trends in Fashion and Life style for 2010. No you can not miss those! The Trend Hunter again gives us the 20 most important trends are forecast for 2010. Art Rental and Auto Service, Neon Fashion, urban brands are some of the trends you see in the future landscape of the wild and accelerated modern life. 20. Customization material “Last year we saw the customization into the realm of the physical and custom dolls, custom clothing and jewelry. This year, the credit crunch is accelerating this trend, with a displacement of luxury goods in exchange for a desire for personalized gifts. 19.

Advance Self – Thinking of companies that each left free to their clients to meet their own. From pubs and bars serving their own beer at self-service hotels, self-service not only saves companies money, but also allows customers to get a sense of independence and creative control. 18. ussion. Peacocking “bragging” – very colorful clothes live, accessories and cosmetics are all basic elements of a movement of neon light that counteracts the dark side of the recession. The “bragging” celebrates so vibrant, is bold in color and trend in fashion shows that do not need designer labels to scream, “Look!”.

17 Culture Luxury Rental-rent, clothes, toys, and fine arts are just some examples of the evolution toward a culture of rent. Rentals only began to appear again in 2008, but the food recession a step towards temporary ownership, status witch false and exchange. 16. Learn more on the subject from Anita Sehgal. Middle Formal jackets, shorts, jackets with jeans and dresses semi … Young professionals are living in an informal activity, adding a formal touch combining it with casual style. 15. Couples of the next generation and were more likely to live together generations of the past … The credit crisis has accelerated the trend, boosting demand for products, matching tattoos, Fashion shared and home decor in common. 14. It is hard to be demanding “Years ago, we have seen imported foods such as tofu go from being an exotic import to a mainstream product. Now, we are seeing a proliferation of food products that are tailored to the unique needs such as gluten and vegetarian food is no longer difficult, be demanding. 13. HTM (DIY) City health – Be prepared to welcome a new era of health care to the size of the palm of your hand, and clocks detection monitors that detect Stress and fertility. With the public health care remains a major problem, consumers are seeking ways to ensure their own physical well-being, without the need of a medical professional. 12. Nostalgia-Marketing Jewelry storybook monster drawings, and photo shoots of Alice in Wonderland, The Storybook feeling has taken hold of consumers seeking to escape economic problems and seek refuge in the ghosts of his past, which generated interest in everything from “Where The Wild Things Are ‘to’ Alice in Wonderland ‘. 11. Campaigns years Crusades-generated ads consumers were all the rage. This year, with the participation of his client means. examples include billboards, shop windows, and even television commercials. 10. Vulnerability Exposed – Social networks have redefined our access to personal life icons, celebrities and friends. Carrying this to the next level of reality, we are seeing everything from childbirth tweeting the stars to the photo exhibition in embarrassing moments. Do not miss the second half and the most important trends that will be.

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