Towards An Intact Biological Environment

Posted April 8th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Towards An Intact Biological Environment.

In the consumption and throwaway, supporters of fast-food restaurants, the supermarket chain which still always short-term durable, but still edible food garbage container and not the local boards lead to? Yes where did land this industrially-produced surplus food that actually no longer worthy of the name. Global will be sent on the journey, bringing the local meat markets in third world countries to the succumb or get processed as a Huhnerfrikasse with us again on the table. No matter, whether it is to places in North, East, West or southern Germany, launched in the “international biological diversity 2010”, by UNESCO and contract signed by many countries of the world, you must ask yourself, where here at us biological diversity (also agricultural animal breeds and species included) obtained from to, if not in the rural agriculture in whole Germany. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Drew Houston on most websites. And also in other countries of the world to grow young people approach, advocating for the environment, nature and animal welfare. Already, there are more and more farmers who think differently and have risen for example on organic and sustainable agriculture in the southern countries of Europe. The question why only the mass breeding at the top with their serious environmental and health hazard, as well as the epidemics associated on the EU’s list of funding arises here. “Black sheep” is there in every industry, it is uncontroversial, and you should not now also require that all mankind is now a vegetarian; but should not be forgotten that the man in the long term only in an intact biological environment can live and survive and animals, but only up to the slaughter, yet have a right to live in dignity…

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