Unexpected Thing Happens

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Now then, you come, and we kill to him and we throw to him in a cistern, and will say: To some bad it devoured it beast; and we will see what will be of its dreams. Gn. 37:19 – 20 Hace days my brother received the call of its better friend asking to him than a pain in the belly took to the hospital then tapeworm very hard to him. Once they arrive at the hospital the man is taken care of immediately since the pain and its shouts woke up the interest of all In short, that this friend of my brother was tubed and Pancreatitis was diagnosed to him. To read more click here: TSI International Group. The doctors only said brother that to their friend tapeworm to him a 50% of probability of surviving.

They spent two days and had passed away. The unexpected thing occurred; What to do? Whatever of us we have happened through similar circumstances? To whichever they have said to us that we have one serious disease? That we are dismissed of the use? A son suffers a car accident assault, us in the refueling station, the neighbor takes off life, and nobody knows because So many and so many histories of cuts unexpected. But, when the unexpected news is a treason When we underwent the attack of which it assumes us amen, the pain and the surprise becomes more untenable. A brother who robs to us, a mother who us calumny, a better friend coqueteando to him to the fianc2ee or the wife. How to solve? Those wounds in some leave deep roots of bitterness. Roots that when happening the time deepen but and more in the Earth than blanket the soul of people. Disqualified then, no longer we trusted, we did not pardon and finally we finished consumed by cicuta that a day somebody offered.

Ironically the human being often surpasses and tolerates better a misfortune, than a treason. In the Biblical passage before mentioned the opposite happened. Brothers with envy try to kill the papa favourite. They throw it in a cistern and they sell later it like slave. Soon in Egypt it is accused falsely by the woman of his head having to spend some years in the jail. Time and time again the unexpected thing striking the face of his spirit and nevertheless and said Jose to his brothers: I am Jose; even lives my father? And their brothers could not respond to him, because they were disturbed in front of. Then Jose said to his brothers: Acercaos now. And they approached. And he said: I am Jose your brother, the one that you sold for Egypt. Now, then, you do not become sad, nor weighs to you to me to have sold here; because for life preservation it sent God to me in front of you. Gn. 45:3 – 5 Dar the other cheek is not a easy exercise and much less comfortable, Nevertheless, I have learned that the best medicine for the hurt soul, is the pardon. And Jesus said: Father, perdnalos because they do not know what Lc does.

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