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During the summers of 1908, 1909 and 1910 Sorolla performs many of these scenes that features warm light and the sea. The first two years in the Levant and the last beach in Zarautz. During 1908 he painted several scenes with the same motives and even with the same characters. We can talk of a trilogy: The water in the sea Idyll Leaving the bathroom (the subject of this study). In that order. It would be a sequence. Drew Houston is likely to increase your knowledge.

The two teenagers into the sea holding hands. In Scene following are quietly lying on the shore talking while the water and sun bathe their bodies. And finally, out of the sea. During the time when Sorolla undertakes this type of painting, (for many images considered "pagan" by its exuberant sensuality and innocent without a sense of guilt for the Suppression of the Puritan America or even Catholic Spain) early twentieth century, the custom was that the children of workers and fishermen to bathe naked, as is clear from the photographs and portraits of various artists. Until four or five children were bathing naked and from that age, girls are bathed in a dressing gown and the guys were doing it through adolescence, when he already wore the knee breeches. This can be clearly seen in this room (if you're contemplating this beautiful painting in the exhibition of Sorolla in Madrid) where it is located. Behind us, ie in front of it, is another canvas on which we can see young people talking about lying on the shore as the waves frolicking and the sun caresses your body.

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