Using Twitter Hootsuite

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It is likely that the same user has two or more Twitter accounts, the staff and one or two labour. Furthermore, it is possible that this same user has accounts on other social networks: Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc therefore becomes necessary the use of a solution that will allow us to concentrate all these accounts in a single application. And that wonder is HootSuite. Logging into, create an account by clicking on the green button Sign Up Now, and are already underway. If you would like to know more about Drew Houston, then click here. The account creation is like any service. The important thing is setting the accounts of our social networks.

To do this we are going to the Dashboard, and if we stop with the mouse pointer on the top white bar, more or less on the right side of the Send Now button, unfolds a small square that allows us to add services. By clicking the sign + are adding different services. Fantastic of Hootsuite is that it supports multiple accounts of the same service, for example Twitter, so we can add the personnel, the Labor, etc. As we are adding services tabs are created. Within each account can create customized columns at the same time, for example, to view the stream (tweets that we sent and send us), the mentions and retweets, as in the home of Twitter.

By clicking on the tab that has a symbol of +, we can continue adding social networking. To customize the columns, – we can add columns, or change its width-, we click on Add Stream. Then unfolds a box that allows us to insert the column with the information desired for example, Twitter mentions (all tweets that include @ our user name). To send a message (we can send it to multiple networks, for example, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), we write what we want in Compose message (next to the OWL, in the upper part of the screen, on the left). Select the icon of the network by which we want to send the message is marked with a blue flange. Write the message, and click on Send. Another very convenient feature of Twitter is the URL Shortener. This feature allows us to economize characters of the message that you write, and thus be able to add more text. Within the Hootsuite punctured configuration on OWL, unfolds a menu, Settings-, you can select how often freshen services, i.e. the page will be updated. We can also do this with the button that has the arrow circular, on each tab. Ultimately, Hootsuite is a powerful tool that allows us to manage our social networks, in a centralized manner. Its advantages are obvious. Does not require to download any application since it runs online. It is practical, and prevents us to have multiple browsers open with different services. For who has taken the decision to pay a little more attention to sureputacion online and presence of brand through social networks, Hootsuite will become a great ally. These are just some basic functions, but It is enough to start. Like everything in this life, practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to try features, click buttons, and explorarar the scope of this application. Its use is very intuitive, saves time, and contributes to a better interaction between different social networks for example, between Twitter and Facebook contacts. Original author and source of the article

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