Posted February 3rd, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on VerschmolzenHeit.

If we are prepared to take this surely extraordinary step of rapprochement, we must recognize inevitably all the fuses, the seemingly relevant rules, laws, morals as null and void and illusorisch us for the experience of our absolute freedom to open and to remind ourselves so our God being in its totality. If we are prepared to be in this limitless space, us anchor as an individual not because of fear of losing US regulations and systems must, so without an artificial lifeline in the silent void to float, we meet also unweigerlich views and incomparably more complex contexts, which lead our traditional manner, to see things this way, ad absurdum. This includes also the encounter with our inner wisdom which was all too often long time in secret and which recognises the so-called evil, destructive, which we call also with the devil, Lucifer, and with many other names, as null and void and the deeper meaning of the universal divine knows. In recent months, actress and filmmaker has been very successful. There namely, where we touch this inner knowing, we know this mentioned negative only as perceived in the duality being upheld, and it is recognized for us on this level of perception only there as existierend. At a higher level, on the ground of uniform VerschmolzenHeit, dissolve opposites like good and evil ‘, are not existent. Thus, it is also understandable that on “this level of consciousness the fact is exposed, that there on the divine eternal” involved no relevant influence has. In other words, everything exists, is also transient, is born and dies and has no influence and certainly not any power on what I what gives birth to the unknown, want called discloses that, and where everything comes back again. One, what is still bigger and infinite, so unimaginable is than what we call God. Thus also the identification with God is still not the end of our journey, an actual end is not clear and reasons, which can be found in the nature of the thing itself, these zukunftigen stages of our transformation we are still completely in the dark and unconscious hidden.

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