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Then each person buy a ticket from truck to different destinations, he went to study music at the conservatorio de las rosas Morelia and I went to Guanajuato to study philosophy, years passed and a good day life we returned to find our people there by the North of the country, he gave us a barbarian taste see us again as changed and yet so the same, we went to a coffee talk about our lives and emotional geographies, until we came to the end point of the map of our existence, there where we were now, in the midst of a forced solitude that we didn’t want to feel. So we looked at each other in the eyes and said, why not? your you are alone, I’m alone, so no more we decided to get married would be a good option, because there was nothing to lose, at least I thought the news caused bewilderment among family and friends, a decision so much liability taken so lightly, we just smiled as two unconscious teenagers faced with our parents and went back to relive the past and Kurt, Caifos, Maldita vecindad, Pearl jam became the bread of every day and we already thought about a rocker to November Rain of the Gun s wedding but no death and no rain, people began to doubt our capability of liability against a similar commitment, us as if we organize a touched of rockotitlan did noventero our wedding design. Invitations, feast, costumes and scenery were our pre-nuptial premises and everything was luxury until one day my mother, toco to my bedroom door – are you awake Laura? – I with the Saturday night – Yes, breast passes raw was by levantarme.-my mother with total seriousness and compassion towards my person face is close to the edge of my bed and takes me by the hand, stroking my hair as when she was a girl while I was wondering do really love it? That simple question, easy answer to someone that you are about to marry, I jam in the throat and it was the beginning of a hole in my head, I stayed in silence, feigning modorres, trying to hide my accelerated throb of a silent heart to that question. . . .

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