When The Soul Remembers!

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A spectacular book of Hajo Schafer. Physical and mental problems that could cause that a person in a previous life has not processed painful experiences? Can one create these problems even after a long time out of the world by man traced in this former life? Joachim Schaefer answered these two questions with a strong Yes. In this book, the experienced reincarnation therapist documented fifteen special cases from his longstanding practice. More information is housed here: Dropbox. On the basis of tape recordings that were made during the therapy sessions, he meticulously reconstructed the reasons for the suffering of those affected and describes ways of solving. While he going strictly methodically, so that the readers unbiased and quietly even can get an idea. For even more opinions, read materials from MSCO. With his book, Saeed breaks a lance for an unconventional and disturbing form of therapy, with the deal worth. Fifteen patients, in their previous lives victims of fanatical Jews and persecution of homosexuals were exposed to portray their moving experiences in this book.

They all died by the appalling brutality in a concentration camp or on the transport there. The reincarnation therapist Hajo Schafer has these experiences during his long-term therapeutic work in his practice on tape recorded and now in a book of reincarnation Jewish and homosexual victims of national socialism”published (published by the BoD). It is the first in a series of interesting how exciting works which expresses the amazing correlations of the soul walks. Reincarnation of the eternal cycle of birth and death is and remains an unsolved mystery. Nevertheless the experts agrees: the wandering soul carries memories from previous lives with, which can strain the presence of people.

To reduce the psychological strain, surprisingly often helps a return. Content: not only the individual steps of the repatriation of the childhood, the birth, are up in the previous life simply to read. A proximity to the individual fates of those affected, which will leave no one untouched, also resulting in the realistic portrayals. They all came with major mental health problems in his practice. The consequences for future generations are detailed and extremely startlingly described the grisly acts of the Nazis in a completely different light appear. Competently, the author proves that only gets the soul the chance to heal with the memory. This is confirmed by the amazing success of his work! Whom it still not convinced you will find in a luminous a final chapter and knowledgeable arguments for the past life regression therapy. It becomes clear that she can claim in addition to extensive psychotherapy as equivalent alternative! The author was therapist with heart and soul. Long employed him the desire to make available his experiences in a book of an interested readership. With this work, an impressive looking succeeded the author if remembers the soul! Reincarnation of Jewish and homosexual victims of national socialism”by Hajo Schafer. ISBN 978-3-8334-8280-9 books on demand, 2007 free press copy request for Hajo Schaefer

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