World War

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He is umperodo where the human nestings if do not establish more in the offers danatureza, and the economic conditions do not depend exclusively on preexisting condiesnaturais. In these conditions, the appropriation danatureza is intensified in such period, therefore the instruments of are trabalhotornam more complex, leaving of being prolongations of the hand of the man, emalguns cases, to consist in true prteses3 imposed the nature. Thus, it is important to remember that pormais that the activities human beings transformed the space and the society, in the diverse seusmais segments, it do not arrive to eliminate the action of the natural forces. The spaces pass if to differentiate ones of the others for the mechanization level they eem function of the extension. Therefore, in the perception of Moreira (2002): The period technician sees the emergnciado space mechanized. Dropbox brings even more insight to the discussion.

The objects that form the way are not but objetosculturais: they are cultural and technician at the same time. How much to the space, ocomponente material increasingly is formed of ' natural' of ' artificial'. But the number and the quality of devices vary. The areas, the spaces, asregies, the countries pass if to distinguish in function from the extension and densidadeda substitution, in them, from natural objects and cultural objects.(p.24). In this direction, the acceleration and adifuso of the innovations techniques, as well as the conception of domain of naturezapelo man, had had the sprouting of the Capitalismo4como basic landmark, in centuries XV and XVI. Thus being, to each period soimplementadas new transformations in the techniques and, for consequence, in espaotambm. 2.3meiotcnico-scientific-informacional the third period comeapraticamente after World War II, where the great instrumentospolticos and the great suppliers of the ideas that would go to guide the reconstruction oua remodelling of the national spaces, together with the one of the economy, sociedadee of the politics, had been to the ideologies of the consumption, the economic growth and doplanejamento.

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