1822 Direct With 1.80 Percent Interest On The Day Money And Guarantee To 15.03.2011

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1.80 per cent interest p.a. MSCO brings even more insight to the discussion. is now available at 1822 direct day money to new money for up to 100,000 euro deposit and informed with interest guarantee up to the 15.03.2011. Tagesgeld.info: new day money customers of 1822 directly can now a higher top rate rejoice. On deposits up to 100,000 euros there now that all 20 basis points more, thus 1.80% interest per year. Investments will bear interest from 100.001 Euro 1.30% interest, from 500.001 euro, there is only a meager half percent. She has 1822 directly increases not only the interest rate but the offer also expanded with an interest guarantee.

Because the 1.80% interest are not variable, but are guaranteed until March 15, 2011. Investors can quietly sit back over 6 months and watch their yield to grow. This is comparable with short-term time deposits. However looking in vain for this a such generous interest rate. The 1822 directly dispenses with Kontoeroffnungs – and account management fees also a minimum deposit, so that by the very attractive interest rate thus already from the first landscaped euro benefits be can. Because that is a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 directly, any customers unlimited deposits are protected. No 1822 direct customer only to a euro of his estimated Fortune fear unlike when the investors who Bank, whose Einlagen were protected only up to 50,000 euro, must recently blocked Noa. All further details the day money account of the 1822 directly find interested readers on the following page: 1822 direct overnight test and interest

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