Bruges: A Fantastic Stay

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Bruges. No, not what it seems, this town has a charm that enchants but not with these arts and that the name comes from the Spanish “original noun that means bridges, so we know that Bruges has more construction to go over water with magicians and witches, but the magic does not lack. This city, […]

Technology Innovations

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The risk of failure to comply with the data protection act may seem non-existent in a small or medium-sized enterprise, the problem comes when an employee, a former employee, an annoying client or even any competitor, denouncing such a breach. The Spanish data protection agency would carry out the relevant inspection in your company and […]


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In French stations, a sign warns: care when crossing the tracks, a train can plug to another train. On the Tour, could also alert: Beware, in the sprints behind a Norwegian can appear another Norwegian. In Norway, where there must be as many cyclists as bullfighters, there are two corridors on the Tour, and both […]

Central Bank

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Analyzing the 20 measures in the new stimulus plan economic shows that 9 of them are directly support financial firms, while the other 11 have an administrative goal since they are designed to improve and facilitate procedures for small and medium-sized enterprises. The new measures include the extension of up to three years, the time […]