Technological Innovations

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‘ ‘ If technological innovations and of organization of the work come occurring with bigger intensity in the area industrial, is certain also that the sector of services does not meet other people’s to mudanas’ ‘ (WERMELINGER, 2007, p.01). We stand out that present the proposal is viable, a time that the IFPA, in a […]

Natural Swimming Ponds: Innovation Bio Pool

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Combination of usefulness and beauty of nature Schwimmteichen nature Schwimmteiche meet two needs at the same time: swimming in clean water and recreation in a natural setting. This combination of usefulness and beauty is part of the philosophy of the two landscape architect and B & N natural swimming pools holder: Stefan Niemeyer and Carsten […]

Roof Insulation With Cellulose

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Protection for summer and winter roof insulation are an expensive investment that home builders like first putting it on. Actually, it is a highly effective construction measure that pays for itself in a short time and guarantees a constant temperature in the living area. The online portal presents the characteristics of a cellulose insulation. […]


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Environmentally friendly thirst quencher with ‘very good’ by oko-Test the EMSA drinking bottle pirate with very good at oko-Test (4/2011) cut off. It is BPA free and only in the test without interference with GE – Schmack. But pirate is just one of many decoration-ren, which makes children happy. Because the bottles there now with […]

Desist Letters

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What can you do, if a download seems to me warning due to exactly what happened, what has happened to many people in Germany and around the world. I have received a warning because I supposedly supported an illegal download on the Internet, by I offered the file in question. Here my assistance in the […]