Accept Payments

Posted November 7th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Accept Payments.

A few days ago I received the email of a latino guru in which shared its 3 methods to accept payments on the Internet: Merchant Account, PayPal and bank transfers. In the PayPal section reads another option is to accept payments with PayPal. It is a much easier option, since without the necessity of having a Merchant Account, you can receive credit card payments on your website but it does not say is that for some countries of Latin America the PayPal service works with restrictions; in other words, only serves to make more payments, not to receive or withdraw money. Then being so, as it is that we can use our PayPal account to receive payments? Before this must we keep us from arms crossed without the possibility of doing business on the Internet? My answer is NO, the solution is to use alternative systems to PayPal as 2Checkout () or Plimus () this last unlike 2checkout no cobra nothing by taking the service. Another alternative method yet It is used by many entrepreneurs online to accept payments, receive money via Western Union and similar companies. This method was designed for those who want to make purchases online, but do not have credit card or PayPal.

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