ADAC Tests, New Car Purchase On The Internet

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New car portals are average 5 percent cheaper than dealer look, buy, drive: who wishes not to be able to purchase a new car easily? But before the purchase contract is concluded, it is called first look and compare. In addition to the clarification of model, features and price in particular a question needs to be answered: where to buy the car the best? For new car buyers, where a cost savings through discounts is important, of buying a car with the mouse is a good alternative. The ADAC in the current test Internet portals for buying new car found out. Discounts when purchasing a car on the Internet In the ADAC test evaluated twelve online provider of new cars. The shopper took the offers on the portals look at this and led to comparison with car dealerships in ten selected cities sales pitches.

This popular car brands and models in the foreground stood for the tester. The required equipment was previously set and applied to all tested providers equally. Discount amount or pricing as well as user-friendliness and transparency were assessed. The result for Internet intermediaries can be seen. The test revealed that these were cheaper 5 percent on average as the dealer.

In terms of transparency and customer service, new car portals are just as strong as the local Distributor. According to the judgment of the ADAC prospective buyers can trust both the tested online providers, because there you can get expert advice about the service hotlines. receives good ADAC judgment”of Internet intermediaries landed in third place in the ranking of the portals. Especially at the price the online provider able to score points. So, the shopper on average received a discount of almost 18 percent. Further advantages of the discount difference before and after the desired configuration remains very low. Can also be compared between different models and configurations. Information about delivery time, standard equipment, costs and services of are clearly represented. In addition, you can choose from several delivery options: either pickup in factory or delivery to a car dealer of on-site and charges straight to your home. Be paid can be in cash or financing. The testers rated staff at the helpline as a competent and helpful Advisor. If you would like to save money when buying new car online portals are a good alternative to the dealership. “Test Manager Thomas beer bag by the ADAC declared as a conclusion: it about who the money, who can his car also confidently on the Internet buy.” Press Manager Thorsten Schambach

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