Alex Parents

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Mabel advised Alex to stop drinking and using drugs, that maybe this would improve the situation. Alex replied that he felt some relief with both things. Mabel tried to make him understand that it was wrong, but also here said to herself, to have patience. At that time it was when he decided to propose that everytime I had a nightmare is you embrace tightly to her, assuring they would find much more relief in this way, that resorting to alcohol and drugs. Alex couldn’t believe that had found, at last, someone who accept him as it was. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bausch & Lomb. He thought tell him everything that had happened to him, but was not encouraged, not because he thought that he could denounce it, (I knew that he would never do that) but by fear to scare. But mainly I had the certainty that could not break the promise made to their parents.

He remembered how blunt that had been to tell you:-the story has to be absolutely equal to all. Without exception. Without exception means that it doesn’t matter if the person you you’re hurting him lying. You gotta do it!- and while that other person was someone who cared much, had to continue with his lie, complying with the Pact of silence. It was the least that could be done by their parents in return for everything they had done for him. That is why when she asked him by his parents told him that they had a great discussion with them so their relationship was somewhat in abeyance. That that had led to his departure and his decision to leave the country. He told her that he called occasionally to find out how they were and tell them that it was OK, but by the time the situation had no output. Also requested you that he not ask him more about the topic because it hurt him too and didn’t want to talk about it.

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