Aluminum Structures

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The company "Lugol's" makes translucent aluminum construction of the systems of architectural profiles veritum F50, veritum F60 (vertical and inclined-vertical facades), CPF-05 (kind of door), CPF-02 (cold door), CPF-01 (cold box) CPF-04 (Warm window), CPF-14 (office partitions), gu (automatic doors), V-60 (a new window and door system) using different types of fillings. veritum system used for the manufacture of aluminum windows and glazing, as oblique and vertical facades. Translucent walling using specialized systems veritum F50, veritum F60 made in accordance with tu 1811-005-04001597-96 and are "warm" and "cold" performance. veritum F60 – System thermal break aluminum profiles c 16 mm of glass fiber reinforced polyamide with filling rigid polyurethane foam intended for the manufacture of front vertical and inclined all aluminum construction complexity. Additional information is available at Daniel Gilbert. For translucent aluminum structures of cold-type does not require the use of thermal break.

Filling the gaps in the "cold" suggests the use of glass facades from 6 to 10 mm thick. "Warm" profiles Series veritum F50, F60 allow us to solve complex architectural problems with the device conservatories, vertically inclined stained with one seam, roof and vertical facades. The advantages of translucent aluminum enclosure structures of these series is a quality insulation from the cold room street atmosphere, as the fixing elements of design and thermal break remain in the cold zone. All this provides a highly reliable thermophysical properties of aluminum translucent structures. A particular advantage of modern window and door profiles series is the presence of so-called 'Eurogroove'. This is convenient for the consumer, since there Optional components of translucent aluminum construction fittings, European firms. It should be noted that a protective coating of aluminum profiles used anodic oxide coating powder dye-based polyester resins (on a scale RAL). This allows the paint profiles in any color and mimic the texture of wood.

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