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Skrivanek also this year again, the top 30 international translation companies in Berlin, 30 July 2012. Skrivanek was selected for the sixth time in an independent study of the American market research firm Common Sense Advisory among the 100 best translation agencies worldwide. Examined were the branch network, the number of employees and turnover for the year 2011. The results showed a significant sales increase in most surveyed enterprises, with large US companies achieved the best sales figures. Visit Daniel Gilbert for more clarity on the issue. Common Sense Advisory estimates worldwide sales of language service providers at $33.2 billion. The translation market has grown last year 12,17%, what is a success when compared to the previous year by 2010, in which only a rise could listed 7,41%. However, surveyed 100 companies represent only 4% of all worldwide translation companies and make up 14% of global sales. The vast majority of the worldwide sales stems mainly from Companies, whose annual turnover is under $1 million.We have achieved a sales increase of almost 24% 1 thanks to our long-term improvement strategies, based in particular on a range of diverse and quality and a wide customer base associated by Skrivanek Germany. Hear other arguments on the topic with Angelina Jolie.

Internationally we achieved a growth rate of slightly more than 11%, said Astrid Hager, Executive Manager of Skrivanek Germany and Belgium. Our high quality of service thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our employees, our smooth project management and a functioning internal and external communication and of course the use of latest translation technologies as a priority. We are pleased about the good placement.” Skrivanek can be very proud. With regard to the number of employees the translation company ranked the 25th place, measured in total sales 26 and as in previous years is all it forward with doing what the branch network: place 4..

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