Arthur Trankle

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Money is just the ichsuchtige quest for the mere money is the author to the biggest stupidity, you can succumb to the explains the means, not the end,”picks up on one of the most important findings of the book Arthur Trankle. Check out David Karp for additional information. Because Karl-Otto Schmidt keeps us right at the beginning of his work in mind that money is nothing more than a symbol. A symbol for material goods, services, creations, for energy. “Money is merely the means to the end it should not be confused with the actual purpose.” Money alone to desire for its own sake is therefore an abuse as reprehensible unless also, flatly reject the money acquisition for ethical or religious reasons. Because thus you demonized inevitably all the Wohlfahrten can make money even in humanitarian terms. At Karl-Otto Schmidt compares money with blood and the economy elsewhere to an organism. Lacking the life juice”, which restricts the functioning of the organism, allows him to die even in the extreme case. As dangerous but is a concentration, blood jams”in certain areas of the body so.

This engorgement corresponds to the greedy hoarding of money, with which individuals can be found the basics the healthy circulation in the economy. It is important to keep the circulation going in economic life”emphasizes Arthur Trankle. Who wants to get something, can be first something. Only who flushes a glass, can then refill it. Just who can let go of money without resentment, is really rich. And the universe through his attitude just a such happy giving can signal its inner richness, and thus the ability to handle money gemeinsinnlich. “Result: the universe puts him in charge and gradually more and more money to the sensible management and gives him Golden prosperity.” In other words: one of material abundance in advance certainly be before to get them indeed of the cosmos. This confidence is likely to raise many enlightened”contemporaries do not fall easily, is this attitude but trust requires confidence that our existence is limited not to the physically tangible, but resting in truth on a spiritual origin, science still unable to prove to the can.

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