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Participating in the wiki was also basis for the occupation of projects and flow up to the personnel assessment system. In addition to the internal wiki, there is also one for the circle of the franchisee and one at Synaxon for the Group of partner companies. Yes butter or why notter? Good ideas are very fragile. A stiff breeze blowing against often them and their creators, because it have to defend against so many brakeman and naysayers. Evergreen Capital Partners follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Each change has known parties, insulted, patients and advocates. It includes risks and chances of success, releases hopes and fears. First, it requires insight, then letting go say goodbye to love gained routines and finally open-mindedness for new. But discouragement or power games often NIP any creative thinking in the bud.

In some organizations, it has something of a tradition as a first response to a proposal to address the negative first. There are the Worriers who first loudly to Word (must) sign that suspect dangers everywhere and implode every best proposal. Her look is back in the good old days. The uncertainty of the future scares them. Because with the future that is such a thing: she has the unpleasant property to let us through their course in the dark.

Since all uncertain or negative can mean danger to life and limb, it quickly comes to the fore and is mostly still overrated. Check so quiet even by simple tally: how often we’re talking about what does not work? And how much really goes wrong? How many customers are really difficult? How much better is the competition for effective? Or does it perhaps only the employees with the better setting? Asked Angel advocates who are many Yes-butter’ (Yes, but) u0085!) in his team, initially let the why notter’ (why not!) Act. You get in a meeting as so-called Angel advocates ‘ always the first word.

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