CeBIT Berlin

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Map my story at CeBIT and international sponsoring award on the winner’s podium Berlin, March 23, 2012. “Within the last two weeks, the Map My Story Public art project, sponsored by the Berlin project developer Diamiona & armour was is the new private” equal to twice awarded: at the CeBIT 2012, as well as at the 19th International sponsoring Awards reached map my story “each finishing in the top three of the own price category. “” First of all the app map my story evolved within the framework of cooperation by Diamona & Harnisch and the Berliner Logentheater “honored at the code-n 12 contest at the CeBIT in Hanover and belonged to the award-winning projects of the young guard of IT”, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ran the headline was. Less than two weeks later the art project at the International was sponsoring award among the three finalists in the category of cultural sponsorship”: the contest entry has been selected by a jury from more than 50 submissions and had to in a formal ceremony on July 22. “March in the framework of the FASPO sponsorship Summit 2012 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce just the project Bayer culture” surrender of Bayer AG.

In the framework of the project sponsored by us we have given time the artists of the Berlin Logentheaters 300 days, to transform an existing building and the adjacent building plot in the Kastanienallee 63/64 to a work of art, and during our planning phase until the beginning of the construction work in the spring of 2012 makes sense to use”, explains Alexander Harnisch, Managing Director of Diamona & Harnisch. “Map My Story Public is the new private” was the leitmotif for the art action that reflected the Interior of the House to the outside and on the Internet. While the transformation of Kastanienallee 63/64 served as kick-start of a project, that is the whole world after Shakespeare’s motto stage over the borders of Berlin and Germany will grow”, explains Johannes Brandrup, internationally renowned actor, founder of Logentheaters and initiator of the Art project.

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