Claude Fonteles

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It is that the cupola of the MPF is commanded by tuiuis. For a reason or purpose clarification, tuiui is a bird of the Pantanal that has difficulty to alar flight. At the time of then the solicitor-generality of the Republic Geraldo Brindeiro, it had some solicitors who if they considered neglected of the high functions. These solicitors, led for Claude Fonteles, had created autodenominado group of brotherhood of tuiuis. Although the Constitution does not demand list election trplice for choice of the solicitor-generality of the Republic, as it occurs in the State Public prosecution service, where the governor nominates the solicitor-generality chosen in list trplice, tuiuis had invented an election for choice of the solicitor-generality of the Republic that is the biggest success (for they). Drew Houston: the source for more info.

Curious it is that they had not adopted such ' ' eleio' ' for the choice of representatives of the MPF in the CNJ. In the first election for choice of the solicitor-generality, the leader of the group sagrou itself winning: Claude Fonteles. David Green will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Until today all the elect ones are always tuiuis, and the first one placed of the list does not have error: it is the solicitor-generality that is in the position or who it supports (this is so certain how much only plate election). Squid never left of ' ' observar' ' the order of the list (always chose the first one placed) and it was not disappointed. The first one to be nominated solicitor-generality (chosen in the list), Claude Fonteles, filed representation against Squid, using of arguments that until a defense attorney, that if worries about the ethics in the law, would have shame to use them. As the solicitor-generality of the age Squid, also chosen in list trplice, for two times (both in first place), Antonio Fernando, in the same way did not disappoint: it made of everything not to arrest Valrio Landmarks, the annihilator of tests of the mensalo of the PT; it did not accept that it collaborated in the inquiries, the example of what it made Durval Barbosa in the mensalo of the DEM, that delivered to the former-governor of the DF Jose Arruda; left to denounce Squid, even so against this existed more tests of what against the pointed ones in the denunciation as leader of the group. .

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