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And although she is watching of profession, recognizes that in that ability is its work of director. RIDDLE Its work looks for to be in contact with the enemy with the world to perceive it, to interpret it and to be able to create a theater representation. But the theater also is like a good riddle that it invites to think solutions, because it develops to the creativity when imposing challenges to persuade to solve them. Then, Ana Sofia decides to defy to the circle of youngsters surrounds that it, whose audacious glances are not intimidated before the proposal to train groups of three and to imagine that by next the fifteen minutes they will be a single person and they will have to realise the daily activities since it dawns until it grows dark. Clumsily the groups advance towards which imaginary each of them has established like its dormitory, bath, cooks or office. Some stretch, others initiate the matutinal cleanliness, while a pair of groups not yet manages to decide who of the three will be the one that will undergo the consequences to be located to means.

And between uncoordinated movements, they bring forth the mocking laughter, the slips and pushes. While some youngsters only hit upon to send ashamed giggles. Until Ana Sofia manages to ruin the chaos. Chaos that faces each session, because for Ana Sofia it is important that we allow that the young people express themselves of the thousand ways that the art offers. The humanity needs as much poets and musicians as of doctors and engineers. We show all those ways to them that exist so that they choose the one that is more comfortable to them. I chose: the theater, assures with a smile, while it holds to the black braid jet that slides until the height of its shoulder, convinced that only its death will be its last act.

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