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But the humanistic management and corporate social responsibility are not a parallel activity, but concern for the administration and production (ecological, social and sustainable) in the nucleus business of the company. ‘And almost all companies are still very far from it, “says Paschen von Flotow, head of the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) of the European Business School in Oestrich-wink. However, social responsibility experts acknowledge the steps taken by companies like Toyota (hybrid car), the leader Otto catalog textile (cotton farming without chemicals and fair wages in Africa) and Unilever (commitment to sustainable fisheries). Swarmed by offers, Drew Houston is currently assessing future choices. It adds that the company no happy. Nor is there a happy world.

But the future is the business humanism, ie, humanistic and ethical management. Because sustainable enterprises that integrate strategies of happiness to care for their employees and consolidate the long term, are sold and the new economic reason in the new moral market. ‘Not social romanticism, but pure efficiency’, says Jurgen Schott consultant who advises major corporations on ethical matters German. In the future, assess the competencies of happiness of businesses and job satisfaction introduced, the researcher Matthias Horx forecast of the Institute of Future Kelkheim. ‘The quality of corporate culture is already a factor in the job search for executives, “says Jurgen Schott, director consultant. The result: more than provide opportunities to reconcile, the undertakings outlined global sustainability programs ranging from an ethical vision, a progressive social policy and fair relationships with different stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, partners, etc.).

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