Geographic Creation

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The creation of artificial a geographic way the creation of artificial a geographic way finishes if treating to quantitative changes, as well as qualitative them. If even though at the beginning of the modern times the cities still counted on gardens, this more rare go becoming: the urban way is each time plus an artificial way, manufactured with remaining portions of the primitive nature increasingly hidden by the workmanships them men. The cultural landscape substitutes the natural landscape and the devices take, on the surface of the land, a place each ampler time. With the increase of the urban, busy populations in tertiary and secondary activities, the field is called to produce more intensively. In century XIX, to feed an urban one they were necessary about sixty people working in the field. This ratio goes modifying throughout these two centuries. In certain countries, today, it has an agricultural inhabitant for each ten urban ones. In Brazil we walk for equal ratio in certain regions, as in the greater perte of the State of So Paulo. Official site: Business strategist.

Agriculture it passes, then, if to benefit of the scientific and technological progressos that assure a bigger production on lesser portions of land. The progressos of chemistry and the genetics, together with the new possibilities created for mechanization, multiply the agricultural productivity, and reduce the necessity of man power in the field. The urbanization gains, thus, new impulse and the space of the man, as much in the cities as in the field, more goes becoming a space each time instrumentalizado, culturizado, tecnificado and each time more worked according to ditames of science. The constant capital that before, was a mark of the cities, over all in those where if it concentrated the industrial production, it passes, also, to characterize the proper field, in the form of implementos, fertilizers and selected insecticides, machines and seeds.

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