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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Venezuela with the aim of consolidating the energy, economic and military cooperation with the Caribbean country. The energy issue is a priority for Russia, since in the Venezuelan market are already operating companies in that country. Both countries also decided to continue fighting together for the stability of the oil price in the world market. Also signed an agreement for the creation of a joint venture to exploit oil and gas in the Orinoco oil Strip. Venezuela will control 60% of the shares of the same and the remaining 40% Russia. Always within the energy field also signed an agreement on development of nuclear energy in Venezuela, in which Russia will support for the use of it for peaceful purposes.

But undoubtedly that techno cooperation between Russia and Venezuela has become a key issue in the relations of both countries who are serving the 65th anniversary of its links diplomats. Remember in the visit to Hugo Chavez Moscow held last September received a credit line of 2200 million dollars for the purchase of Russian weaponry. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is one of the main importers of arms and Russian holdings. We must not forget that Russia is the second world supplier of weapons. In the period between 2005 and 2007, the Government headed by Hugo Chavez have purchased weapons to Russia for more than 4400 million dollars. Between future acquisitions that are discussed on this visit, Venezuela plans to obtain from Russia, 92 tanks T-72 and the Smerch multiple rocket launchers. Also discusses the purchase of the multifunctional plane Bravo echo (BE-200) considered the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, intended to combat forest fires, provide assistance in areas of disaster, search and rescue at sea, meet sanitary missions and cargo transportation.

At the same time both countries signed an agreement of space technology. On the same Chavez said that: even Here we could install a satellite launcher and a factory. We are already doing so with China, but Russia offers support so Venezuela can have its own industry for the use of its outer space. The truth is that Hugo Chavez is convinced that Russia has become its key ally to challenge the United States in its fight against U.S. imperialism. No doubt that Hugo Chavez is deluded, Russia all that is with Venezuela are businesses. If Russia had to choose between the Alliance with his country and the improvement of relations with United States, Russians would not take the second path. Original author and source of the article.

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