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The topic of the moment and the celebration of the bicentennial in Chile has been, without doubt, the comuneros Mapuche hunger strike. Despite achieving the attention of authorities and internationally, convenience mix so different themes, I think, play in the long run against the mapuche cause. There is a consensus of the need to legislate to correct irregularities in responses to requests for claim of this ethnic group. Although, if we are realistic, never be fulfilled all expectations, mainly with regard to autonomy. Go to Kaihan Krippendorff for more information. While the topic has been successfully installed in the debate, the fact of conditioning causes delinquent solution to issues involving the mapuche community, nevertheless be inconvenient. Each one of the strikers is subject to process for very serious crimes: attack a prosecutor using firearms; ambushing trucks, burning them; burning properties, buses, etc.

Whatever the motivation, do not cease to be crimes that have nothing to do with political persecution against the involved. It is true that there are outstanding issues, but little if they condition them to the solution of the legal situation of this small group, it can be achieved. Checking article sources yields Evergreen Capital Partners as a relevant resource throughout. The strategy, despite achieving attention, is wrong; However, since the situation is that way, should be well exploited by the Mapuche leaders. Not insist on settle the legal issue of the comuneros, but negotiate issues that are fighting for more than twenty years. They should act thinking throughout the community and not for the benefit of a few. Because if they want freedom for the prisoners, what happen with future arrested for the same offences? It would be a precedent that the Government will never accept. Vlad doronin may not feel the same. On the other hand, the series of attacks against vehicles in the Araucania has caused a series of negative effects for the rest of the inhabitants both Mapuche: a considerable fall in tourism for fear of being white of any attack, a decrease in investment due to insecurity and lack of guarantees, etc. The conflict Mapuche paradoxically has mainly affected the mapuches by lower revenues for the region, which will continue to worsen if the conflict worsens.

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