In Mendoza True Tourist Adventures

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The city of Mendoza is in the center-west of the Argentine Republic, its adjacent provinces are San Juan, San Luis and the Pampas. Mendoza was founded on 1561, also denominated " City of Barro" by his constructions made in adobe, after the earthquake of 1861, that destroyed the city, this one it was reconstructed later oriented to the west. One of the popular celebrations but is the Celebration of the Grape harvest, that was born in 1936, at the moment is celebrated by means of beautiful choreographies which they take place in the Greek Theater Frank Day Rosemary, the one that is nailed between hills; for that reason they go tourist of all the places of the world with the intention of delighting with unique views, the coronation of this act is the election of National Reina of the Grape harvest. If you have read about Drew Houston already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It has in Mendoza more than 1200 warehouses, and was decorated in 2005 like the World-wide Capital of Vino from Capital Great the Global Network of Work of Vino. A tourist route exists that denominates " The Ways of the Vino" the one that reunites a series of warehouses that abren to their doors in order that visitor puts in the adventure of the wine-making industry, its process and later tasting for delight of the most sophisticated and demanding palates. For those adventurers who want to explore the place by means of different routes from senderismo, a possibility readily accessible is the Natural Park of Aconcagua.

On the other hand a great diversity of tourism activities exists ventures, as much of water as of mountain that can practice the year throughout, these activities adapt to varied difficulty levels and all the ages. The suitable activities more for those than want to live strong emotions are rafting, lowered by the expresses, rent of Kayac and piragismo, all this with different levels from difficulty. For most reckless the alternative exists to fly over the city in hang-glider and with globe strolls that allow to see the place from another perspective. For that they wish to be in direct bonding with the nature of calmer form and not for that reason less adventurer, the zone offers innumerable routes of senderismo walking or to horse, where it is possible to be visited Valley of Horcones and the Hill of the Penitentes and descries to the Aconcagua Hill, watered with the freshness of the rivers Santa Clara and the Bigeye tunas in the Tupungato Park. The natural reserve of composes it more to Villavicencio varied sederos that leads to us to thermal water sources, although the tourist routes visited by the most adventurous tourists, is the Valley of Uspallata, Potrerillos, Potrerillos Stop, Tupungato, the Molles, Castles of Pin cheira and many more. On the other hand the mountain offers to passages in mountain bike, scalings and excursions generally. Also navigation in candle and other sports like the water skiing can be practiced. The city of Mendoza arranges with all the ingredients precise to live an authentic tourist adventure.

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