Innovative Competition

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Garage sales, flea markets and budget resolutions Cologne, August 07, 2010. Two students have developed an Internet platform from Cologne and Aachen, which could defy the traditional online auction houses. “The principle of the garage that is widespread in the United States sale” it is possible to sell its unneeded furniture in your own four walls for each. “Via the website can user a listing give up, what the date, the place and the individual items of the so-called furniture sale” describes and visualized. Interested users can then search after furniture sales”in their environment are looking for and participate if necessary.

On the said date, then all items personally can be negotiated and purchased. “Also an individual flyer is created for each listing automatically, which is an additional local marketing of own furniture sale” allows. The innovative sales process lots of time and money to save the user, while the competition situation on the ground allows for maximum revenue. Complete budget resolutions should be facilitated through this service. The proceeds from the sale of household goods”can be applied E.g. for subsequent professional services, such as Entrumpelungen and renovations. Preferably, partners of the site for these services may be charged. Erik Tilger Managing Director Takahashi & partners media UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

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