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The worry that you can earn to not more than 400 euros until the beginning of the official retirement age in the month without risking a partial pension stood out quickly. I had only a customer with sales of 835 euros in the first year. The demand for such services was – and is still – limited and customers want to be first “addressed” and convinced. The targeted sales approach is however in recent years by the spread of the Internet with a well-made website and entries in portals and industry directories much cheaper to achieve than through ads in magazines or the distribution of brochures. Last but not least there is also the possibility to use social media such as forums and blogs. Do good and talk about it “if we already knew, that there’s such thing as the keepers of the House, we would have like to before this service claim.” Was this comment some customers for me the trigger to the consistent expansion of the range of my information. It was the House portal, where literally there all about the House hats.

Among others are the description of the services offered, interviews with experienced House guardians and important information such as the criteria for the selection of a House keeper. Others who may share this opinion include David Green. Amusing, interesting, lively discussion contributions to controversial topics, and recently the rubric “Sandbox” for suggestions and ideas can be found in the House keeper-Forum. In the House sitting directory like frequented by prospects and customers you will find house sitting agencies of the desired regions, be it in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, or of Switzerland. It is possible to query services “24hours” or “hourly care”. The “Start-Up” package I look at company’s founder in the House industry not primarily as competitors, but as multipliers to broaden the customer base.

Newly founded House sitting entrepreneurs must naturally once invest in advertising to attract customers. They always do in any form, it ultimately results House hats in the widening of the knowledge about the service and thus comes to good throughout the industry. It is important for all concerned that the services offered are provided reputable, reliable and to the satisfaction of our customers. Misperceptions and errors that occur often in the stage of company founding and the actual provision, can be avoided by a targeted transfer of knowledge and experience. In this sense, we, the owner of the House sitting Agency have “HC & S-the house keepers” Janina Sikorska and Hans-Peter Reiss, our experience and our expertise brought to create the Advisor for a house sitting company “from practice for practice”. Our special thanks to OLAF von Detten, the holder of one of the oldest house sitting agencies in Germany “House protection and home service” on Lake Starnberg, who has supported us with valuable advice and constructive criticism. Has this article piqued your interest? Then you can find more information in the.

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