Kitchen Parties

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New course program ‘experience cooking and wine tasting”in the Hannover region in renowned restaurants and hotels the students expect surprising combinations of topics and notes, but also many good tips and suggestions. Cooks and Gastrofachleute from various fields offer the right course for every taste interest and every level of experience in the kitchen. “Usually, the creativity of the participants is needed: there selects the appropriate ingredients itself for example in Linden pitcher and the new favorite dish at a kitchen party” created. In the 5th Avenue in the Arabella are Sheraton hotel with the help of genuine food designers notes sent combined, he tastes in the Winebar vintage perfectly cultivated European vines in the vineyards of Argentina. Sommelier Biagio Tan reveals seemingly opposites such as wine and chocolate as a delicacy in his wine Academy. The seminar with communication from the dark gives in the light of”cross-border experiences about the (food grade) enjoyment in the economics and former Conti Chief Financial Officer Dr. Peter Loeschner at a menu that is served partially in the dark, is our perception on the ground: how will turn out, the assessment of our conversation partner and our taste depends mightily our visual impression! (19.2, 12.3, 16.4.) Also at Vernascht! An erotic dinner”at the Brasserie fresco in the atmosphere decorated appropriate to the topic, not only the ingredients in the dishes, but also the singing of the opera singer Heidrun Klava promise a stimulating more than just culinary evening (26.2, 28.5.). The courses begin on February 7, 2010 and take place on two or three dates to May 30 in small groups in the Hannover region.

The complete program is in the Internet under or in flyers to experienced-ren laid out publicly in the Hanover area. The prices for a course lie between 40 and 95 euros. All courses can now under Tel. 0511-700 16 72 or posted on the Internet at, as a gift,. They are also ideal as Christmas gift. As the courses exclusively with a manageable close Merk rice of part of held the reservation in due time will be cancelled. Kathrin Symens

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