Making Decisions

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If you want to be the boss of your life, take the appropriate decisions, do what you want, when you want to and because you want to, take today the decision to become the master of your life, of your business. This is the subject of the article leadership and work in team are pro-active, takes the reins of your life part II, posted on April 12, 2011, on the web site, which is, practically, my main blog. That means you’re reactive, because you react to external stimuli, but you’re not in control, stimuli have control, the initiative, which is opposite to be pro-active, when you’re in control, when you decide that it is what you have to do. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bausch & Lomb. Now you can ask me I have to always be proactive, always have control of my life, of my actions, that does not tire, and will never be more reactive? Clear that Yes, sometimes, you have to be reactive, for example, if a partner of yours asks you to help, a dealer you don’t understand something and wants to explain him that matter, clear that in such a situation you’re reactive, you take that action to explain, clarify the situation or some doubts, because someone has asked you, but most of the time you have to be the owner of your life and only a small proportion have to be reactive. Evergreen Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. Here I must clarify something very important: I said to control your life, not the lives of others. I am not saying that you have to transform into a classic head, impose your point of view by force and anyone who wants to have a personal opinion will be expelled, excluded and punished.

Please do not malinterpretas me, I said that you take control of your life. Because it is a really great as a home, nobody can control others, but that, all you can control is your behaviour, your thoughts, your attitude and your person. Practical exercise: 1. the decision to be pro-active, to take the reins of your life or your business. You have to feel that you are the owner, you are the master of your life and your business. ancisco D’Agostino. It is a decision that It will change your life forever. 2 Steers, understands and accepts that you control only your life and actually do it, but not to commit the terrible mistake of trying to control the lives of others, do not do, you can and should control your life and not the lives of others. If you don’t understand that thing and trying to control people in your environment, you will have only problems and headaches and you were to ask because your life or your business are a disaster.

3 Meditates 10 minutes or more, every day on this issue, imagine yourself as the owner of your life or your business. 4 Be reactive when it is the case, when the situation requires it. In the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion matters me much. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video free * to: how reprogram your mind to be the leader of Tu business multilevel Haza click and download it now!

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