Manitou Carriage

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In models use two braking systems: hydrostatic and hydraulic. Hydrostatic braking occurs by turning off the pump drive. As a standard feature of open trucks MSI cabin with front and rear windows, which are equipped with windshield wipers and washer. The machine is a standard cabin is 2.10m, while the version Buqqi (used to work in the bodies of vehicles) – 1.99 m. To reduce vibration from the engine, as well as movement on uneven surfaces, the cabin is equipped with shock absorbers. Cabin floor is low enough so the driver to be at work, you need to make just one step. For convenience, log loader operator is equipped with two handrails.

Cab can also be equipped with two 180 opening doors and a heater. Manitou Forklifts can handle the different types of cargo such as bulk, using as attachment clamps and all sorts of scoops. Machine owner can choose the most suitable option of several types of buckets of different sizes, with or without teeth. Forklifts MSI, equipped with a bucket, can overturn it by 66 , which is not able to make a similar model. Mast tilt forward / back all models are 10/12 – this is the best indicator of trucks. The installation of several types of masts with lifting height up to 6 meters, including a free lift forks.

To speed up loading operations the company offers a set of additional equipment for a quick change of attachments. Through its use, for example, a change in the bucket fork carriage takes a few seconds, and the operator can make it without leaving the cab. To work with weights that are installed on pallets, lift trucks are equipped with carriage with a fork to length. Extras can be installed carriage lateral side shift carriage or positioning of forks or a lateral shift of each fork is 100 mm. To work with loads of great width carriage is provided with double fork. The stability of the loader can be further increased through the use of wheels with wide tires. At the request of the buyer loaders can be equipped with various attachments companies Auramo, Kaup et al Manitou manufactures trucks based on the strong chassis, specially designed for heavy and prolonged use. Anticorrosion treatment units allows you to permanently avoid the corrosion process and maintain a good look of the machine. In most models, the cabin may recline, making it easier to access nodes engine. On the MSI series machines for this purpose using electro-drive, activated by pressing keys on the dashboard. This feature allows you to simplify maintenance and daily checks of technical condition truck. Rent Manitou telehandlers.

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