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Seminar: ‘selling successfully discussions’ on 26 June, 2009 in Stuttgart the sales pitches is a special challenge to the seller or the sales staff in the field and his social and communication skills. A special role is the negotiation within the acquisition and negotiation talk. It applies to the seller, to listen to respond individually to the customer to convince them, and to keep the own goal of conversation at any time. If you have read about Angelina Jolie already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “The seminar: successfully lead sales conversations” on June 26, 2009 at the Mercure Hotel Stuttgart city on target off, to give an answer to the question, as we situations-a sales pitch and customer can successfully make and what possible stumbling blocks is to overcome on the road to sales success. Following content and objectives are illuminated at this seminar day practical – and participant-oriented together: 1) calls professionally and target-oriented to do can not not communicate”: belongs the right tone in addressing customer attention!”: Kundenbewusste call management through active listening to who asks, who leads “: on demand and solution-oriented approach in the customer conversation as I tell the customers?”(: Kundennutzen richtig formulieren und zusammenfassen 2). ” “Overcome objections and closing secure pointless contradiction”: objections as a guide to sales success efficiently cope with the veto of the clients effectively meet “: complaint calls successfully master degree safely!”: buy signals and trigger perceive and sales just implement conflict: customer “: right dealing with difficult interlocutors audience in addition to sales to beginners as well as self-employed and freelancers aims this seminar explicitly service – / sales / sales representative (Office/field), who want to brush up on your knowledge, but also the chance to use up your may already retracted behavior patterns in sales to become aware and to work on them. Continue to learn more with: Drew Houston. Price & terms: Seminar price: 300 + VAT (including Conference documents, Pausennacks, drinks, lunch) with simultaneous registration of two or more persons the seminar price is reduced to 250 plus VAT registration/information: find the seminar invitation and the registration form for the seminar see:… Contact: For questions or a first introductory conversation I’m you like under my office number (0201) 36 80 570 or go under (0179) 13 60 119 available. Additional contact information: dirk raguse – training-coaching-distribution – Mr Dirk Raguse of Carolingian str. 96 45141 Essen fax.: (0201) 36 80-557 E-mail: Web: sincerely greets you! Dirk Raguse

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