Mobile Internet Through The UMTS

Posted July 16th, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on Mobile Internet Through The UMTS.

With UMTS, nationwide mobile, you can surf on the Internet. Frequent travelers who are also dependent on the Internet, know the problem of the lack of opportunities to access the Internet. In particular, it is important that it is fast, and especially cost-effective to implement access. What possibilities does a participant who would like to go on the Internet. The probably cheapest option, but not always found, is the free Wi-Fi network. If a free Wi-Fi network is available, the customer can log in there and surf with DSL speed on the Internet.

Often you will find free Wi-Fi networks in the area of a city, or in a cafe. The second option would be to connect to a fee-based Wi-Fi hotspot. A such Wi-Fi hotspot can be found usually in Cafes or in fast-food restaurants. Often, you paid an amount of 5 euro for one hour of Internet use. You that is through professional or private reasons, several hours a day on the Wi-Fi network assigned to, so can this variant with the Wi-Fi hotspots are quite expensive in the long term. Another alternative is a UMTS flat rate.

With a such UMTS flat rate, the customer has the possibility to surf on the Internet indefinitely in Germany. But unfortunately, the data transfer is not entirely unlimited, frequently the providers place a lock on 5 GB or 10 GB. Who exceeds this limit is reduced on the slower GPRS. Obtained a such UMTS Flatrate already for a monthly fee of EUR 19.99. To put these monthly standing charge in relation to a Wi-Fi hotspot, shows very quickly a UMTS flat rate indefinitely is cost-saving. Torsten Heinsius

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